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New ZYYX Partnership

 In General News
Simplify3D - ZYYX partnership

Simplify3D? is excited to announce a new partnership with Magicfirm Europe, providers of the ZYYX?3D printer. Every ZYYX 3D printer includes Simplify3D Software, allowing?ZYYX users to achieve?an optimized workflow and higher quality prints.

The ZYYX is a sleek, eco-conscious machine with several exciting enhancements. The print area is nicely enclosed, and a fan moves air through a carbon filter?to?reduce?plastic odors?in the work area.?The automatic probing system eliminates the need for manual leveling of the print bed?(which is removable). The print head is designed for?easy accessibility and jam-free operation. The ZYYX was designed and engineered by a team in Sweden, with manufacturing coordinated by Magicfirm LLC, China.

Simplify3D Software is committed?to helping users achieve the highest quality parts from their 3D printers, and partnerships with innovative hardware manufacturers like Magicfirm help us achieve that?goal.

ZYYX products are available for shipping now, so visit their website?and learn more about the product!

Simplify3D - ZYYX logo
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